Thursday, November 13, 2008

choosing new yarns

It is raining and I have a rare morning at home. So far, I've spent it making sandwiches, eating cheerios and drinking coffee. (It's almost time for another cup!)
Yesterday, I pored over the color cards for Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride. The colors are so beautiful it is hard to choose what will look best in the shop. Here is a link to the web page showing what I'm looking at
I've also placed a reorder with ShiBui for more sock yarn! We'll have more of what you've already seen, and some new colors, too. I'll post here when it arrives--I've sent back the trunk show, but we'll have more paterns, too, notably the button down sock pattern.
Yesterday, I ordered our first sock yarn from Opal--are you ready? We're gettting the Harry Potter line! There are 8 colorways, & I can already tell my favorite is going to be 'Tonks!' This yarn will arrive in early December, in time for QUICK holiday sock or glove knitting!
KnittyDirtyGirl and RippleStitch are ganging up and getting some new hand dyed, locally raised woolies ready for the shop. We'll have two ply and single ply corriedale yarns.
Check out the Lancaster Yarn Shop group at Ravelry Rachel-Marie set this up for us, as I am hopelessly stuck in the 20th century and could not figure out how to make the graphics work.
Tonight is our drop in stitch and bitch--bring your knitting!
I'll be at LYS this afternoon and evening, hope to see you there!

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Bethany Hissong said...

Thank you for your kind comment yesterday!!! I think we are kindred spirits... especially in loving handmade things and being technologically impaired!! I do love your website. I hope you can get that finished. I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning... it's too dark and rainy! I WILL be in soon to LYS. I just have a million things to do (my daughter was home sick with the flu this week but is better now!). I'm teaching my son's teacher how to do book binding too and must put together more samples... always something!!! Have a great day!