Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25 November! It's almost Christmas!

Rachel-Marie took this picture today after we put lots of hundred year old ornaments on our little shop tree. Tucked in the front window, imagine that our late-nite, last minute knitter has just gone to check on the kids before sitting back down for a cup of tea. We have a few more doodads to add to complete the scene; like the knitting! Conveniently, I have a half knit pair of socks to lend an air of knitting reality! We'll finish the display tomorrow. It was fun to decorate the tree with Rachel-Marie, we listened to Christmas music! Special thanks to the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA for the Christmas antiques. If you live in the area and haven't had a chance to see their exhibit, see if you can fit it into your holiday plans (you'll need an hour and your camera!). There is also a beautiful exhibit in the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum curated by the NCC, called a Lancaster Christmas.
Well, that's a lot of Christmas right before Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!
Practicing gratitude,


National Christmas Center said...

Lovely! Your old-fashioned "knitting corner" looks like a good place to settle into and dream about the holidays. Thanks for the links. :)

Bethany Hissong said...

The store was so cozy looking today! I stopped in (and talked for a LONG time!) but you weren't there!! I may try to make First Friday tonight, but we'll see if my husband wants to go out in the cold! brrr!
BTW, I can't be around Rachel-Marie's yarn without leaving with some! It's dangerous!!!